My grandfather Bill Wendling on his paper route. Late 1930’s

I grew up hearing my grandfather Bill Wendling telling stories about old Altamont. We used to ride bikes around town while he talked about the history of each building, and the people that made Altamont special. Since 2014, I have been scanning photos from my grandfather’s collection. He has been taking photos since the early 1940’s and has collected even older Altamont photos, videos, and other artifacts. After keeping the old Altamont content to myself, I decided it had to be shared. What’s the point of hoarding the collection if no one else sees it? In July 2015, I created the Altamont, IL History Facebook page. The response to the page has been phenomenal, and the stories shared by residents of Altamont have been incredible. But, the Facebook page doesn’t have the ability to showcase all of the stories of Altamont. So, I created this website to venture further into the history of Altamont. May this website be a place to reminisce and educate future generations about the history of Altamont.

Best regards,

Devin Walk


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  1. I served with Mike Vogel, Mike was killed south of the Korean DMZ on 28th of Aug 1967. I believe Mike was from Altamont. It’s been a long time but I still think of Mike and a lot of other soldiers that were killed serving on the Z in those days. I have told people of these difficult times and unless you were there you aren’t likely to know of the hundreds of men killed between 1966 and 1969. RIP Mike, you are not forgot.
    Former Staff Sargent
    D. Thompson


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