Hogan’s Store and Opera House

Hogan’s Store and Opera House postcard. Early 1900’s. This building is located on the corner of Second and Washington Street.

This building, which sits next to Clarkson’s Furniture, is among the oldest buildings in downtown Altamont. Built in the 1880s by Michael E. Hogan, the building started out as  a suit and tie/grocery store business. In the early 1900’s, Hogan converted it into a bank, while the second story became an opera house that drew large crowds.


Inside the bank. 1930’s or 40’s.

In 1924, burglars blew up the bank safe and escaped with several thousand dollars. The robbers were later caught and the loss was reimbursed by insurance, but not before they
tied up Altamont’s police chief Tattoo Bill and locked him in the local jail.

The Hogans retired from banking in 1925, and the bank merged with the First National Bank. The bank struggled during the Great Depression. But it kept itself afloat by selling some of its stock. After the Depression, the bank continued for a few decades, and in 1970, the building was occupied by Barkelew’s, a women’s fashion store. Later, it became an antique shop.

Today, the building stands as a reminder of Altamont’s fascinating past.



Barkelew’s. 1970’s.



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