Immanuel Lutheran Church


A postcard of Immanuel Lutheran Church. 1910’s.

Immanuel Lutheran Church was formed on February 2, 1874 by local German immigrants. The congregation purchased an old schoolhouse for $250 and moved it to the southwest corner of North Edwards and East Washington. Bethlehem’s pastor served the church until Immanuel installed Rev. J. G. Gosswein on July 9, 1879.

This served as Immanuel’s church until 1884, when the congregation of the United Brethren, located in Altamont, sold its church building to Immanuel. Immanuel moved the church to its current location, and it underwent extensive remodeling with a steeple built on top of the church.

In 1911, the steeple and church bell were destroyed by lightning, while heavy rain stopped the fire from spreading. The steeple was rebuilt, and the bell was replaced. (The replacement bell sits in the bell tower outside of the current church.)

church steeple
The demolition of Immanuel’s church. Late 1960’s.

In the late 1960s, the congregation voted to build a new church to fit its growing membership. The church was demolished and the current church was built in its place.

2 thoughts on “Immanuel Lutheran Church”

  1. Thanks for sharing the history of Immanuel. When you get to St Paul (hwy 40) let me know. I have old pics and history. We are celebrating 150 years this year.


    1. Thank you, Debra. That would be fantastic. I have wanted to do a story about your church for awhile. It has an interesting history with it burning down, etc.


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