The Hilleman Stand

The Hilleman Stand, later known as the Milleville Stettbacher Store.


This building, located north of the triangle, was one of the oldest in Altamont. It was built in 1873 by George Hilleman and later became a furniture factory, grocery store, and a general store. The upper floor was the home of “The Altamont Courier,” Altamont’s first newspaper, which was founded in 1873.

The building was demolished in 1959. A modern building was constructed on the site, and the Altamont Independent Newspaper occupied the building for many years.

What are your memories of this building?


The building constructed on the site of the Hilleman Stand. 1960’s


5 thoughts on “The Hilleman Stand”

  1. desperately looking for information on Geo Hillemann Mfg Co Altamont Ill. I have one of his dressers and there is a tag on the back that says “from Geo Hillemann Manufacturer of Furniture Altamont Ill.
    Mohr Hdw. & Furn. Co Bay City Mich would like more info about Geo Hillemann Mfg re. date started and when they stopped manufacturing furniture pleaase


    1. Did you ever find out when your price was built? I just bought an oak highboy dresser with the same stamp on it and would love to know how old it is.



      1. my best guess is that it was made between 1909 and 1929 when my grandfather sold that brand from his furniture store here in Iowa.


  2. I have a dresser with the furniture tag still on the back of it. It belonged to my great grandmother and then my grandmother. Many of my aunts and uncles used it growing up. The date on the tag is 3-26-1900. It’s a true treasure to have.


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